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O U R   M E N U S

S T R E E T  F O O D

Discover our Filipino flavours in the South West! Expect a range of crispy, luscious lumpia *AKA Filipino style spring rolls, alongside big bowls, specials and desserts. Take a look at our Instagram page to see examples of our excellent street food offerings.

W E D D I N G S  &  E V E N T S

We're fully booked for weddings and events until Autumn 2025, so our diary is now closed.


Our restaurant is taking our menus to the next level. A range of Aurora Kusina favourites along side new delicious dishes, sides and desserts. We love plants so our menus are always 50%+ vegan friendly!

Find us: 29 Town Street, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5BE

Opening hours...

Thursdays - Saturdays | 5.30pm-10pm

***Please note: We take holidays too!

We take an annual trip to the Philippines in January and generally close for around 4-6 weeks. 

We're still reachable so feel free to contact the team during this time :)


We also close at the end of June for about 2 weeks; our small team work at Glastonbury Festival each year & take a short summer holiday afterwards to recoup and soak up some sunshine - we always try our best to keep you updated via socials.

S P R I N G  /  S U M M E R  R E S T A U R A N T  M E N U   

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