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O U R  S T O R Y

Aurora Kusina was inspired by my mum 'Aurora' who grew up in Tondo, Manila, and came to the UK in the 70’s.


She was an incredible cook and an amazing Mum. There was nothing she loved more than seeing people enjoy her food and epic banquets. She would be so proud to see that we’ve shared some of her recipes with you!

When she met Ross, she would cook for him quite regularly, always shouting 'Eat more Ross! Eat more!' until he was practically rolling out the door.


I remember when I was travelling around India, I Facetimed them, only to find they were having a Valentine's Filipino banquet without me! All jokes aside, that's the sweetest thing ever, right? - from that moment, I knew Ross was 100% part of our family and has since become just as obsessed with Filipino cuisine, as I am.

Ross and I have been working hard behind the scenes perfecting the dishes of my childhood, making sure they all taste just as good as my mama's - we can't wait to share them with you!

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