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Filipino in style, Bristolian in spirit

If you’ve ever been to the Philippines, you would’ve tried ‘a’ light bottled lager - it’s honestly sold everywhere. Best served ice cold with pulutan *bar snacks - beer & bar snacks is a language understood across the globe, right?

When I was younger, I’d watch my family play billiards; an ice cold beer in one hand and a cue in the other - my dad and brother often still do this when they’re not in lockdown.

Sometimes we’d head to a local karaoke bar ‘Danives’. Filipinos love a good karaoke sesh (something I inherited, naturally!), on the street, in a bar, on the beach, you name it! There’d always be a bucket of beer middle of the table, my mum and I would be singing along to ABBA while my dad cheered us on. These are memories I’ll cherish forever.

As all Filipinos living in the UK will know, you can’t find this particular beer for love nor money, so here comes the next best thing.

Ross and I are honoured to have teamed up with the guys at @tapestrybrewery to create this pale lager so you can enjoy the whole experience (minus the coconut trees and 30 degree heat, of course).

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