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T O N D O  |  F R O M E

M A B U H A Y!

We are so proud to introduce a new addition to the Aurora Kusina pamilya! This is ‘Tondo’, Filipino food to grab & go. From coffee to sopas, rice bowls & salads - we’ve got you covered. Everything you'll need to fuel up for the day ahead.


This new venture will be set up on Stoney Street in Frome!

Ross & I genuinely feel like we’re living the Somerset dream, we are so excited to see our small independent business grow.


So why Tondo? 

Tondo, Manila, is where my mum & her siblings grew up. It’s where myself, my cousins & even Ross share memories. We still have a family home there which has been part of our history for decades.


The area itself has an interesting past, but because of the creativity and innovation within the community, Tondo is thriving - with independent retailers, food offerings & bustling markets. Sound familiar?

Where to find us...

3a Stony Street, Frome, BA11 1BU

Opening Hours

Wednesdays - Saturdays | 10am-3pm

(Also open one Sunday a month during Frome Independent)


***Please note: We take holidays too!

We take an annual trip to the Philippines in January and generally close for around 4-6 weeks. 

We're still reachable so feel free to contact the team during this time :)


We also close at the end of June for about 2 weeks; our small team work at Glastonbury Festival each year & take a short summer holiday afterwards to recoup and soak up some sunshine - we always try our best to keep you updated via socials.

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